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man-u-script: a document or book written by hand; an author's written or typewritten copy of his work, as opposed to the printed copies made from it (Latin: manu, by hand + scribere, to write).


MANUSCRIPTS are more rare than any printed book. Even if there is but one known surviving copy of a printed book, there is always the chance that another example of it will be discovered. But a hand-written paper is always unique, for even if it is, itself, a hand copy of another manuscript, it is susceptible to unique errors or details which will exist nowhere else.

How much history has been lost forever due to the loss of crucial mansucripts! And how great the stewardship of the collector who preserves a manuscript against loss and deterioration. Everything offered below is necessarily one of a kind, almost always unpublished and unknown to the rest of the world . . .





Seymour, S[tephen]. P.  Autograph Document Signed as Cashier of "Cuyler's Bank, of Palmyra."  Palmyra, New York, May 5, 1851.     $125

One of the signers of an anti-Mormon statement by a group of citizens, dated Palmyra, December 4, 1833, published in Eber D. Howe's Mormonism Unvailed (Painesville, Ohio, 1834), pp. 261-2. This appears in my MORMON LIST ELECTRIC, item 42. To return to this page afterwards, use your browser's back-button.



A few additional, minor manuscript items appear in my MORMON LIST ELECTRIC (a summer 2003 online catalog). Or, look for specific subjects and keywords using my simple search engine !




MANUSCRIPTS WHICH HAVE NOW SOLD APPEAR BELOW, listed here for general information and reference .  .  .


Handwritten Letters from the three surviving SONS OF JOSEPH AND EMMA SMITH, to their mother.

Mother I must tell you . . . I feel very sad and the tears run out of my eyes all the time and I dont know why. . . . strive as I will my heart sinks like lead. . . . I must tell someone my troubles . . .


Obtained years ago through the Bidamon Family, with provenance. Touching, illuminating, and finally for sale.  Click here - or on the pictures - for a detailed illustrated description.



OLD  NAUVOO.  AN UNUSUAL COLLECTION of the earliest founders of Commerce & Nauvoo, Illinois, including a relevant court transcript hand-copied by John C. Bennett in person. 1833-1849.

Something special:  $8,500**SOLD**

Eight manuscripts, a rare newspaper and an artifact. Famous names, plus some which may sound new!  Click here - or on the picture - for a detailed illustrated description.



Go to Illustrated DescriptionSidney RIGDON. AUTOGRAPH DOCUMENT SIGNED. Hancock County, Illinois, May 4, 1841. $4,500**SOLD**

More than a page in the handwriting of Joseph Smith's counselor, distressed that Joseph has not shown up in court to testify in his favor. Most uncommon. Click here - or on the picture - for a detailed illustrated description.



Go to Illustrated DescriptionJoel DAMON (hatmaker). ORIGINAL HANDWRITTEN LETTER to his brother describing Mormon missionaries in 1842. $450**SOLD**

Rare original observations, with first-hand characterizations of Freeman Nickerson and young Erastus Snow. Click here - or on the picture - for a detailed illustrated description.



Picture at the top of this page: A wonderful original Document Signed and sealed by Joseph Smith, Mayor of the City of Nauvoo, guaranteeing freedom and respect to all religions whatsoever. Nauvoo, Illinois, May 16, 1843. Sold in 2000.